Apple iPhone 12 Full Review and Specification

Today, I am going to introduce a great device to you which is ultramodern. Apple had launched The iPhone 12 Pro. This device has come with a thrilling blast in the iPhone’s brand category. It has an improved speed than the S Models. This device also can skip the iPhone 11.

Dear friend, This device hasn’t attached only the improvement speed. There is a vast feature collection in the property of the iPhone 12 Pro. The device has come with a much upgrade. You can also enjoy an OLED screen on this device. which enriched the picture quality. This phone is also 5G supportable. So, it is also an improved communicative device. This phone have also a unique and absolutely new design.

Let’s know something about the legendary screen of this device. The new OLED screen contains much smaller bezels than before. The screen was also specific with a new magnetically attached Magsafe charging support. For these features, it displays contain huge light. so, It is one of the most lightening phones which you can buy.

Among the iPhone 12 series, all of them are designed with a new language format. This is why the device crossed over the S series iPhone this year. Truly, this design is not so new at all. Apple wants to memorize Its roots. So, why it returned the iconic of the iPhone series 4 and 5.Have we skip that??

The best feature of the iPhone 12 is that you can get a mini version at the lowest price without losing any single features.

Apple is not able to make anything without any controversial thing. The big argued matter is about its Packaging. The Phone packages are losing inner-box accessories. There haven’t any charger, no more ear-pods in the Box. You can get a USB cable in the cheap and thin box. We think that it’s not a big problem. It will be solved but it needs to take time.

There are also unique camera features in this device. Only iPhone 12 has the new exclusive software tricks including night mood on all cameras and Dolby vision video capturing.

Even, we see that the iPhone 11 was made of the hardest glass in the world. However, the iPhone 12 also broke this record. It is made much harder than before and is called ceramic solder which is made by corning. The iPhone 12 duo get’s aluminum frames instead of the Apple iPhone 12 pro pairs stainless Steel.

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